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Evict overwhelm & overtime! Invest in a Real Estate marketing membership that ACTUALLY brings you qualified buyers through high-quality templates, valuable trainings, real estate-trained AI technology, and more.

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This isn’t your mama’s Real Estate Marketing Membership…

We’re now harnessing the power of AI in the Agent Social Haus!



Your new Real Estate marketing AI assistant!

Mobile-Friendly &
On-the-Go Access

Mobile-friendly and easily accessible, Lumi allows you to leverage all your real estate marketing materials anytime and anywhere ensuring that you can always respond promptly and effectively, even when you’re on the move.


Customizing captions or email templates becomes a breeze. Simply tell Lumi about your business, and she’ll generate tailored content in a matter of seconds. This not only personalizes your content but also saves you time and effort in brainstorming and editing.

Fast, Accurate, and Market-Savvy

Lumi is designed to provide quick and precise assistance for your business needs. Whether you require compelling listing descriptions or other specific content, Lumi leverages her specialized real estate training to deliver relevant results quickly and efficiently.

Powered by the latest, premium version of ChatGPT, Lumi is our new AI assistant, specially trained in all things real estate marketing so you can leverage all the marketing materials in our membership to the highest extent possible AND elevate other areas of your business with next generation technology!

Not sure how to customize one of our done-for-you captions or email templates? Plug it into Lumi and tell her a little bit about your business! She’ll generate a customized caption in seconds!

Needing accurate and effective listing descriptions in a pinch? Paste the listing details into Lumi, and she’ll generate a listing description that’s sure to position your listing as a must-see and make qualified buyers swoon!

And that’s just the beginning of what our AI assistant, Lumi, can support you with inside our membership!

Two sides of the online marketing equation:

The ever-evolving trends


The demand for consistent content

We get it. Marketing yourself online can be overwhelming & time-consuming. But you shouldn’t have to risk real estate irrelevance. 

With Agent Social Haus you will:

Get a monthly marketing strategy done for you.
Post high-quality content consistently.
Bring in qualified leads.

Close more deals.

All while saving HOURS of time and brain power!

Inside Agent Social Haus

Plan, create & execute a month’s worth of real estate marketing content after just
ONE DAY in PorchLyte’s Agent Social Haus!

Receive a monthly calendar of ready-made, customizable social media templates for EACH day of the month, including engaging captions, so you can cut hours of content planning and finally know exactly what to post every day!
Inside our membership, you’ll gain instant access to Lumi, your new AI assistant, specially trained in all things real estate! Lumi helps you generate a variety of content quickly and accurately, so you can leverage our membership’s marketing materials as best as possible! Did we mention we’re one of the first real estate marketing services to integrate AI?
Get new strategies to help strengthen your social media marketing each week! We’ll show you exactly what to do, what to post, and when, so you can say goodbye to the social media algorithm guesswork!
You shouldn’t have to feel ‘on your own’ while navigating real estate marketing and social media. We’re here to help you LIVE each month and answer all of your questions, so you can feel confident in your marketing decisions!
Gain access to our growing collection of marketing guides that show you all the tips, tricks, and how-tos in up-leveling your real estate marketing, so you can nurture your community of followers and master the art of social media with ease and ZERO questions!
Start networking the RIGHT WAY. Our EXCLUSIVE Facebook Community provides plenty of referral opportunities from fellow agents who know qualified buyers searching for homes in your area!

And that’s just the beginning of what you can find in Agent Social Haus


Tamara A.


“I am an active Realtor and I like to keep current with social media but not a lot of time to dedicate to it, with PorchLyte it is planned, prepared and ready for me each month.” –

Madelene L.

Brenda Lee Strickland Realty

“The possibilities are endless with the content calendar, done-for-you options, the templates are customizable and so many added bonuses, including AI…game changer.”

Marisol R.

Elite Realty Partners

“Social media is so time consuming , it literally drains me. Thankfully Porchlyte saved me with easy copy paste templates and the fact that you taught me how to schedule out my post was amazing.”

Barb D.

CIR Realty

“I no longer worry about what will I post on social media and I can focus on working with my active clients and putting prospects in my CRM”

You can’t find this stuff in your real estate licensing course…

An end-to-end, comprehensive marketing solution, all done for you.


Name a more powerful duo.

It’s time to reduce hours of marketing “chores” to a few minutes each week!


$ 157


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Maximize your agents efforts.

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Ready to evict overwhelm & overtime?

Invest in a real estate marketing membership that ACTUALLY brings you qualified buyers through high-quality templates, valuable trainings, AI technology and more!


$ 1570


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