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With our IMPACTFUL MARKETING MATERIALS & SOCIAL MEDIA CONTENT, PorchLyte enables you to connect with your audience, stand out from the competition, and achieve your goals!

Unlock your potential today!


Revolutionizing Real Estate Marketing

with AI-Powered Solutions

Powered by ChatGPT

A Real Estate AI assistant that helps create content tailored for your brand

Don’t Let Your Real Estate Business Fall Behind! 

Harness the power of Lumi, our AI-driven
marketing genius, built on ChatGPT.

Lumi is exclusively designed to skyrocket your
marketing success and maximize the benefits of the PorchLyte Platform. Don’t miss out on this game-changing opportunity to leave your competition in the dust – join now and watch your real estate empire thrive!

How It Works


Ask Lumi about anything

Or use one of our pre-made provided prompts.


Get your answer

Or use one of our ready-made resources.


Evolve it

Lumi may ask questions, provide clarification, or give a complete answer based on your prompt.

we get it. social media can be
overwhelming & time consuming.

Your time is valuable. Let us alleviate that burden on your already-busy schedule so you can…

Don't have time to market your business online?

A Month Of Your Real Estate Marketing
In Just ONE DAY with PorchLyte!

Ready To Post Social Media Content

Instant access to a year of  social media content created specifically for the real estate industry

Customizable Reels, Stories, Captions

Our fresh and never ending templates and social posts are designed for maximum engagment

Marketing Materials Curated For Real Estate Agents

Our collection of done-for-you guides, checklists, and flyers are ready for immediate use

New, Relevant Content Delivered Monthly

Designed to captivate your audience, strengthen your brand, and drive your online growth, ensuring that you stay ahead of the competition and achieve your business goals.


"I literally just got done with October posts scheduling on the first day of the month!. I feel so accomplished 🥳🥳 Great content PorchLyte 👍👍"

The Problem

Most Agents fail to monetize their social media presence and marketing efforts for
1 of 3 main reasons.

You're either...


Way Too Overwhelmed

There is so much information, strategy and technical know-how it’s easy to get overwhelmed, discouraged and just give up on what is potentially your biggest source of leads and growth.


Battling A ‘Learning Curve’

PorchLyte helps you get in the social media flow within days instead of weeks.

Skip all the hard work and struggle and let us do it all for you!


Way Too Busy

This is a problematic “Catch 22”…

You don’t have TIME to sit for hours at a desk figuring out social media content. You need to be out there having conversations with clients.

But you can’t do that if you DON’T create ways for more potential clients to FIND YOU…

Social Media is a game of constant content.

What busy agent has the extra hours to strategize, create and post constantly? (Consistency is key!) Coming up with a witty, attractive, relevant social media post can derail your entire day … and you still don’t know if you’re doing it right.


"Good morning Tracy...I just joined!!!! Thank you so much creating this program and offering us such amazing value for an absolutely affordable price! This is going to be fabulous, you rock 💕💕💕"

The Solution

PorchLyte provides you with constant content, designed by social media + real estate experts!

Using time-tested methods and delivered to you on a monthly basis — calibrated to build community, relevant to your warm market, and best of all, ready to post or print.

PorchLyte takes your marketing tasks from a “daily chore” down to just a few minutes a week!

With a PorchLyte Membership,
You Will

Marketing Content

PorchLyte was created by agents, for agents to be a consistent source of done-for-you social content & print templates that are relevant to both home buyers and sellers

Delivered Monthly

Your content gets delivered to you like clockwork, every month, so you can leverage social media to grow and prosper as a Real Estate professional … with a fraction of the time investment.

That’s the “PorchLyte difference”.


"It took two minutes to check my Facebook this morning. I've been slammed this last week trying to close two deals and meet with 3 new listing clients. ♥️ So excited ♥️ "

What's Inside?

Access to thousands of Social Media & Print Templates
Created & Delivered To You Every Month!

Reel Estate Reels
Leverage the HOTTEST feature of Instagram right now! Reach FAR more people with a single Reel than you would with a traditional static post! (One Reel could reach tens of thousands of people if it goes viral).
Story Templates

Create a human connection with your audience! When you can communicate your story with others, you separate yourself from all the other agents out there. You become a “real person” who they can connect and resonate with!

Monthly Playbook
This gives you a calendar of ready-made, customizable social media posts for EACH day of the month including engaging captions!
Weekly Social Media Action Plan
Get strategies to help strengthen your social media marketing! We’ll show you exactly what to do, what to post, and when!
LIVE Zoom Calls
You’ll NEVER have to feel like you’re ‘on your own’ as you grow your social presence. We’re here to help you LIVE each week, and answer your questions!
Video Scripts & Blog Posts
You don’t have to spend time figuring out “what to say”, or how to say it. You can feel confident using our tested and PROVEN library of done-for-you video scripts & blog posts!
Done-For-You Marketing Guides
This allows you to nurture your community of followers, so you stay at the forefront of their mind! It’s the perfect way to easily connect, and keep in touch with those who have entered your world.
How-To Guides & Video Tutorials
You don’t have to be experienced in social media to benefit dramatically from it! We’ve already done the hard word FOR YOU! But we have LOTS of guides and tutorials to help you learn and master the art of social marketing!
Referral Opportunities
Our EXCLUSIVE Facebook Community provides plenty of referral opportunities! Other agents can refer clients to you who might be looking for a home in another area!

…and that’s just SOME of what you can expect EACH month as a PorchLyte Member!

Ready to OFFLOAD all of your marketing content creation?

Become a PorchLyte Member today and have all your marketing content CREATED & DELIVERED to you!





Most of my business is repeat and referral and also from door knocking, during covid I am not able to doorknock so I need to get online.  PorchLyte helped me by giving me the content to post on social media and also taught me how to engage more with my online audience. I no longer worry about what will I post on social media and I can focus on working with my active clients and putting prospects in my CRM. If you want to increase your social media presence to get more leads from online and you just want to set it and forget it, then PorchLyte is for you.  Give it a try.  Thank you so much, Tracy and her team.
Barb D.
CIR Realty

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For Real Estate Agents

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Customizable posts, captions, 7 day action plan and more!

Claim your PorchLyte membership Sneak Peek and get 7 Days of social media templates and captions, marketing guides, video scripts + bonus workbooks & more!

For Real Estate Agents

Instant Access

Get 7 Days of Social Media Posts For FREE!

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and have all your social content CREATED & DELIVERED to you for every day of the month!

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