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Don’t miss these 7 new AI-powered tools in Canva!

You’ve probably heard of ChatGPT by now and how it uses AI to write content for you. But do you know about the latest update in the graphic design world? If you use Canva in creating your social media content, you will be psyched to know about their latest update!

Canva, our favorite design platform, now also utilizes AI to help make our designing tasks easier. Here are the 7 new AI-powered tools in Canva:

1. Translate

If you need designs in multiple languages, no need to leave your design and use Google Translate. With Canva’s new Translate tool, instantly translate the text in your design by choosing your preferred language from a dropdown menu. No need to hire a translator as there are over 100 languages available.

2. Magic Write

As an AI-powered writing assistant, Magic Write will help you kickstart or brainstorm ideas. If there are ideas that you find difficult to put into words, you can use Magic Write to generate writing based on your prompts. Initially, it was only limited to Canva Docs. But thanks to Canva’s recent update, this tool can now be used across the entire Canva Suite and is available in 21 different languages.

3. Magic Edit & Eraser

If you are not adept with Photoshop, you’ll love this new tool! You don’t have to be an expert in order to alter some details in an image. Magic Edit will do the work for you! Select the area that you want to change by brushing over it, then describe what you want to replace it with. In case there are areas that you want to remove, you can use the Magic Eraser instead.

4. Magic Presentation

Got a big presentation but don’t know where to start? Canva’s Magic Presentation has got your back! Describe what you need in a few words, then it will give you a draft with an outline, slides, and content. Make sure to still check them thoroughly and do your own edits. Although it may be a well-thought-out presentation, use it as an inspiration and add your personal touches rather than presenting a fully AI-generated work.

5. Magic Design

Create your design in just a few minutes. Save time finding the best template by letting AI do the work. By simply uploading an image, Magic Design will find custom templates that will suit your needs. Easily choose among eight options as Magic Design will give you a quick preview of each template.

6. Beat Sync

Tired of manually editing audio to match your video? The perfect audio-video synchronization will give your content better engagement. No need to go through the tedious task of editing your videos in After Effects, Canva’s Beat Sync will auto-match your soundtrack to your footage for a perfectly timed video. You can still make manual adjustments to ensure that your final output will be up to your liking.

7. Text to Image

Stop rummaging through your gallery to find the perfect photo. Describe the image that you need, then watch this AI-powered tool transform your description into a beautiful image. Customize it further by making edits through Magic Edit. Although this Text to Image tool has already been available in 2022, it got recent upgrades like higher resolution, faster generation speed, and new styles.

Creating beautiful content has never been this easy. These AI-powered tools can really be a game-changer for busy realtors. Try them yourself, get creative, and create more with these exciting new tools from Canva!

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