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3 Tips to Hit Your Team Quota During the Holidays

Admit it, it’s much harder to hit those quotas during the holiday season. You don’t need to blame yourself for it, there’s just so much going on — you have a shorter time because of a lot of official holidays and then you have people filing additional vacation leaves too, it’s freezing outside, and people are unmotivated because they’re too excited about holiday festivities.

Here are three tips that will motivate your team to hit those quotas this season:

1. Start a competition or contest among your team.

An incentive will help put your team’s mind back in the game. You can do different types of incentives depending on what will work best for your team.

You can hold a contest for whoever gets the most clients by the end of the quarter to win a prize or a bonus. You can hold a raffle contest where your team gets one raffle entry for each open house or private showing they do in a week, and then you’ll raffle it off by the end of the week. Don’t be afraid to get creative. There are so many fun ideas that will surely motivate your team and help you reach your quotas!

2. Encourage your team to send holiday gifts to prospects.

Gifts are not only a warm gesture that shows that you care, but it also helps to earn the favor of your clients and prospects. It helps to keep you top of mind for their real estate needs and referrals. It can also help move along deals, follow up on pending offers, and gives you an opportunity to talk to your prospects.

3. Offer deals and discounts as holiday promotions.

Make your customers and clients feel a sense of urgency by offering limited-time deals, discounts, coupons, or exclusive services. Trust me, people love promos. And if they’ve been putting off the real estate services they’ve been meaning to do, by offering a good deal, you’ll be giving them a good reason to do it now.

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