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Lumi AI

Your New Real Estate Marketing AI assistant! 

Boost efficiency, drive leads, create content in seconds, and close deals faster than ever with revolutionary AI technology designed specifically for Real Estate agents!


Your New Real Estate Marketing AI assistant!

With Lumi’s AI technology specifically designed for Real Estate agents like you, you can boost productivity and efficiency in your social media and marketing efforts with EASE.

(it’s as easy as messaging a friend!)

If you’re an agent who wants:

Listing Descriptions

Generate high-quality listing descriptions and property summaries to save you time and ensure accuracy…

Social Media Content

Craft compelling social media posts that attract and engage potential buyers and sellers without spending hours in content creation…

Blogs, Newsletters & Scripts

Produce blog posts, newsletters and scripts that establish you as a thought leader in your industry, increasing your visibility and credibility, but decreasing your time in front of your laptop…

Marketing Emails

Streamline your email marketing efforts and nurture leads more effectively so you can start converting lookers to buyers…

Lead Generation

Get creative and effective lead generation strategies and tactics based on existing best practices and trends within the industry…

Action Items

Drowning in notes from a listing appointment. Transform them into a clear, prioritized list of action items so you can do what you do best…


Inside, you’ll get unlimited access to Lumi for all of these tasks and more!

What’s with the AI Buzz?

Let’s be honest. There are MANY age-old challenges you face as a real estate agent:

On top of the necessary marketing evils:

Juggling all of these tasks can leave you with serious marketing nausea, social media overwhelm, and little to no time for yourself.

That’s where the real AI Buzz is at.

How It Works

Think of Lumi as your content-writing unicorn. With Lumi, you’ll be galloping your way to success!

Choose Your Form From The Drop Down Menu

to assist you in accomplishing your tasks

Enter Your Details

to receive a precise and tailored reply.


and promptly receive a response, ready for immediate use or further customization to suit your specific requirements.

Don’t just take our word for it... Our members are loving it!

Why is now the perfect time for real estate agents?

The AI-driven transformation coupled with the rapid growth of social media tools has enabled real estate agents like you and me to scale our businesses to impressive heights, reaching 5, 6, and even 7-figure success by leveraging AI technology to better serve and engage our clients.

Lumi allows you to shift your one-track mind to a marketing mastermind!

Instead of just focusing on one-time deals, you can start cultivating a loyal client base by consistently delivering value through AI-powered solutions, ensuring a thriving, sustainable business!

Hey There!

I'm Tracy Henning

Founder & CEO

Years of Experience
$ 0 m+
In real estate transactions

Since 2019. I’ve been working with thousands of real estate agents.

With over 29+ years (and counting) under my belt, I’ve turned my passion into a social media agency that helps fellow agents like you stand out with top-notch content and print materials.

I’ve had the opportunity to interact with literally thousands of people running successful real estate businesses.

And through it all, I’ve discovered the subtle nuances that make a BIG difference in the success of businesses that thrive vs. those that sputter.

And now, I'd like to share Lumi’s AI technology with you!

Head-over-heels for Lumi yet?

Technology isn't about the latest gadgets or apps. It's about what these things do for people. It's about making lives better!

If you think about all the other ways that you can learn about growing your business from hiring costly coaches to the school of hard-knocks or trying to figure everything out on your own – there’s a smarter way to grow as a real estate agent.

Lumi helps you skip the messy middle of building your real estate business and catapults you to expert agent status with ease.

Add Lumi into your Real Estate business today for just $12/month!


Boost efficiency, drive leads, create content in seconds, and close deals faster than ever with revolutionary AI technology designed specifically for real estate agents!


$ 12 Per Month
Prices in USD
  • Develop High-Quality Listing Descriptions
  • Craft Compelling Social Media Posts
  • Produce Blogs, Newsletters and Scripts
  • Generate Engaging Emails
  • Get Creative & Effective Lead Generation Strategies
  • and more!

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