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4 Ways To Promote Your Listing On Social Media

Are you maximizing social media when promoting your property listings? Real estate marketing on social media can be challenging especially if you have a lot of competition. With the fast-changing trends on social media and the dynamic preferences of the market, you should always be thinking of unique ways to promote your listings and make them stand out.

Aside from a simple static image post, there are other creative ways how you can market properties for sale.

1. Create a compelling video

Through a video, you get to create an all-around experience for potential buyers. You can showcase every part of the house and will be able to give them a better overview of the properties’ angles and depth. Most potential buyers prefer videos when looking for listing information. If you want to make it look more professional, you may consider hiring a videographer. Investing in one may be a bit pricey, but it can be a wise investment, especially on high-end listings.

Some video ideas:

  • House tour
  • Drone shot of the property and its surrounding area
  • Holiday-themed videos (ex. Thanksgiving party in your new home)
  • A day in your new home – pretend what it’s like to actually live in that house

2. Partner with popular establishments in your area

Promote your real estate business while promoting a local business in your community. Partner with them and help promote each other’s business by sharing a post tagging their business and asking them to do the same while directing their followers to your listing. By doing this, you can show potential buyers what the community is like. Another idea is by featuring them or giving them a booth space during your open house, then ask them to post about it on their business page.

3. Create a Pinterest board

If you haven’t utilized Pinterest for your business yet, now is the right time to start. You can promote your listing on Pinterest by creating a board with the property’s area or street address as the title and writing a keyword-optimized description. Create pins that give precise details about the property and use them to redirect your audience to a landing page like your website or the actual property listing. Aside from photos and property details, you can also pin articles, tips, and resources about the area such as restaurants, attractions, nearby supermarkets, hospitals, and schools.

4. Share GIFs or memes

Most probably, the majority of your real estate market is millennials. And this generation is the one who is very into memes and GIFs. You should know how to adapt to their interests to be able to attract this market. Grab their attention with hilarious memes and shareable GIFs that promote your listing in a fun way while also keeping your objective to showcase the beauty of the property.

If you want to know more tips about real estate marketing on social media, feel free to join the PorchLyte community on Facebook!

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