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11 Carousel Post Ideas To Keep Your Audience Entertained

Are you running out of ideas on how to keep your audience entertained and engaged on social media?

If you have been in the real estate business for years now, you probably witnessed the never-ending changes when it comes to social media trends. And more often than not, you find yourself staring at your computer, furiously thinking of what to post next.

I totally get you! With the ever-changing trends of social media marketing, it becomes hard to come up with content that will let you stay on top of your game. But one thing’s for sure, when it comes to Instagram visuals, more is more.

Spark your audience’s curiosity with Multipage Instagram Post templates (Otherwise known as Carousel Posts on IG) and create a series of images using one consistent theme. These are great if you want to tell a story across multiple frames, show a before and after, or if you just can’t narrow down a favorite fur baby snap.

So, give your audience what they want, and post them all!

Here are some more post ideas for your multipage carousels:

  1. A day in your life
  2. Mistakes buyers/sellers make
  3. Before and after
  4. Facts/misconceptions
  5. How to’s
  6. Showcase a home
  7. Celebrate clients
  8. Answer FAQs
  9. Fun facts about you
  10. Market updates
  11. Secrets/unknown info

BONUS: You can easily make these carousel posts through Canva! Just search “multipage Instagram post” in the templates search bar.

Download the printable here:

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