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4 Tips on How to Make the Best Reels

Have you already tried Facebook or Instagram Reels? This super trendy tool is an amazing and effective way to promote your real estate business and reach more people.

As an agent during this digital age, it is a must to keep yourself updated with the latest trends in digital marketing. If you have started doing Reels but couldn’t get the hang of it, we got you! Here are 4 tips on how to make the best Reels:

1. Plan your content.

Reels aren’t like IG stories that disappear after 24 hours. It will appear on your followers’ feed and will stay on your page even after 24 hours. So it is only proper to plan your content carefully. Write scripts or create drafts if you must. You need to make the most out of each second in this short-form video.

2. Add music to your reels.

To make your reels more exciting and catchy, add music! When you are watching reels on social media, you might notice that most videos have music. This is the strategy that most content creators do to make their reels more engaging. You can even hop into the trend by using the most popular music during the time you’ll be posting your content. Just make sure to cut the music on the right beat for a better transition.

3. Add text and align it on the beat.

Not all people watch reels with the sound on. Adding text to your reels will help you reach these viewers. Moreover, it will help provide context to your reel and will make it easier for your audience to understand your message. It can also add to the visual aesthetics of your reel if you are able to fix the transition smoothly and let the text appear on the beat.

4. Use hashtags.

Your main objective in creating reels is to convey your message to a wider range of audience. There is no point in making reels if your target audience won’t be able to see it. Make sure you reach them by adding relevant hashtags and keywords in the caption.

These are just some tips on the basics of creating the best reels. If you need more tips on social media marketing for real estate, be part of the Porchlyte community by joining our Facebook group.

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