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5 Staging Tips to Share With Your Clients for the Holidays

As a real estate agent, you probably know and feel how sales slow down once the holiday season kicks in. People get busier during this season and there are fewer buyers in the market. Meanwhile, home sellers during this season are often more motivated and determined to sell their properties before the year ends.

Aside from marketing the property and setting the right price, staging their homes for the holiday selling season can help them stand out from the competition. Here are five staging tips to share with your clients for the holidays:

1. Be clear about the purpose of staging a home

Before your clients start staging their home, make sure that they clearly understand the purpose of staging the home. The holiday is a busy season; hence, there aren’t really a lot of buyers during this season. This means that your client’s property should stand out among your competitors by leveling up its home staging.

Staging a home can sometimes be tricky as you will be catering to different buyers. These buyers definitely have different preferences in styling a home. Advise your clients to be cautious in decorating their home. Help them research about their market and know what they like. To cater to different types of buyers, it would be best to keep the home staging decors simple.

2. Level up the curb appeal for the holidays

The first thing that people see in your home is its exterior. Tell your clients that the first thing that they should put their attention to is the curb appeal of the home. However, putting up outdoor decorations doesn’t mean putting up a lot of garden ornaments. Remind your clients that they will be catering to different buyers with different tastes; hence, neutral decorations would be their best option. If they plan to put up lights, stick with white. Add a Christmas wreath with fresh pines and simple accents. Simplicity will make your home look more elegant and will attract a wider range of buyers.

3. Have a unified theme

Advise your clients to stick to a simple theme and to a two-tone color palette when staging their home. Choosing traditional colors such as red and green and incorporating natural elements for the decor might be better than trying to go with unconventional colors. When staging a home, remind them that the decor doesn’t have to be grand, it just needs to be enough for buyers to see how their lifestyle can fit and for them to desire to live at that house.

4. Don’t overdo the holiday decorations

One of the most difficult things sellers might experience when staging a home during the holidays is keeping a balance between tradition and goal. Your sellers might be hard-core Christmas enthusiasts complete with their Santa Claus and reindeer figurine collection or some might not celebrate Christmas at all.

Remind them that going too personal during this season might not be a good idea for their listing. The goal for staging during this season is to make their potential buyers visualize their first Christmas at that house by creating a warm and inviting atmosphere but balanced with chic and modern decor that’s easy on the eyes.

5. Make it feel warm and cozy

The holiday season is about spending time with your family at home. Tell your clients that one of the ways to promote connection between the home and its potential buyers is by letting them visualize what it’s like to be living in that home. When they visit the home, make them feel warm and cozy by placing chunky blankets and throw pillows on the couch. Turn on the heater and add holiday-inspired scents to contribute to the holiday feel. The seller can also leave a stack of classic board games in the living area or serve freshly brewed coffee for the buyers so they will feel more at home.

As a real estate agent, it is your job to help your clients sell their homes in the fastest and easiest way possible. Staging a home is often essential in the success of selling a home efficiently. While it can be challenging for some, your help in their home selling journey will surely help them close the deal to sell their house during the holidays!

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