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How To Reach Out to Your Prospect for the First Time

Congratulations, you got a lead! And while getting a prospect is just the first step to many, it still means that you are one step closer to securing a sale. But now your problem is how to reach out to that lead for the first time. The first contact can have a big impact and might make or break your sale.

There are many different ways to reach out to your lead depending on their preferences and how you acquired the lead.

Draft a First Contact Email

If you have not talked to your lead before, sending them an email is the most appropriate way to reach out to them. While you can draft an email template for all your leads, make sure to also keep each email as personal as it can be. Do a background check about your prospect’s profession, their interests, and what they are looking for. This is an important step so that you can catch your prospect’s attention and at the same time bring them value.

Remember, it’s important to keep the tone of your email balanced – being professional and knowledgeable while being friendly and non-intimidating for your prospects.

Reach out via social media

When you find a prospect through your social media marketing efforts, it can be a powerful move to give them a warm and welcoming introduction through the same channel. Communicating through social media strengthens your brand’s online presence and gives you more credibility when you message from your verified page where they can easily check your posts. Once they find that they can trust you, it will make them more inclined to go to you for their real estate transactions. Communicating through social media also shows that you are a tech-savvy professional.

Use your network to reach out to them

If you meet your prospect through a connection such as a friend or a colleague, you can use this connection to first reach out to them. Message them about how you met through your friend or ask to meet up with them – find out which communication method your prospect is more comfortable doing from your common friend. It’s usually easier to reach out to a referral because a sense of trust and credibility is already given to you. So don’t waste this opportunity and do it the right way by knowing what your prospect is like, what they are looking for, and the way they are comfortable in transacting with you.

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