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6 Things You Need to Build Your Own Real Estate Website

As a real estate agent, having a website is definitely a must. It can help you reach more people, build your brand and credibility, and convert more leads. It can open so many more opportunities that you won’t get doing social media alone. You’ll be able to tap into a whole different market. But where do you start? What exactly do you need to start building your own website?

Here’s a list of six things you need to build your own website:

1. A Goal

The first step to building a website is having a goal in mind. The website should accurately communicate what you offer. For real estate agents like us, that might be to get hired as a buyer’s agent, post our listings and events, or simply just to put your name out there.

2. A brand or a name

Make sure to include the name of your company or your name as the domain name of your website.

3. Web hosting

To publish your website on the Internet, you will need web hosting. Popular web hosting services include BlueHost and GoDaddy, but I definitely recommend doing some research before you choose one. Some web hosting services will already come with a package that will enable you to choose a domain name.

4. A design for your website

There are several options to create the design of your website. You can either hire a professional website designer, use a website builder like WordPress, or learn web design and create your website from scratch.

5. Content

You will need to build each page on your website. Depending on what you offer, you might need to create several pages such as an ‘about me’ page, services, a contact page, a page for news and events, a blog, and more.

6. Google Analytics

This free service will help you keep track of your website’s insights. By using this tool, you’ll be able to see how many people are coming to your website, how they found you, whether they came back again, and what their demographics are.

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