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A Guide to Conducting Virtual Open Houses

As realtors, we need to learn how to adapt to the changing technology. Technology has made things more convenient and easier including connecting with potential clients. Even real estate open houses that are usually done on site can now be done virtually. You just need a good camera and internet connection. With this, you’ll be able to showcase a property to your clients while they are at the comforts of their home.

What’s a Virtual Open House?

A virtual open house is a way to present a property to potential buyers without them having to be physically present. Agents use high-definition video to take potential buyers on a walk-in tour of the house to show them the different features, amenities, and to give them all the information that they need about the house. Hosting a virtual open house is a great way to overcome any geographic hurdle of the busy schedules of your potential buyers.

The Benefits of Conducting a Virtual Open House

Here are some benefits of conducting a virtual open house for your listings:

1. It saves time for the potential buyer.

Conducting a virtual open house saves time for the potential buyer as they can conveniently access the virtual open house while at home, at work, or wherever they are in the world. It will only take them an hour or two to see the ins and outs of the property, unlike during physical open houses where they would probably need to allot a whole afternoon for the viewing. They can communicate with the agent online, schedule a physical viewing if the house appeals to them, and go on with their schedule for the rest of the day afterward.

2. It saves time for the agent.

Aside from saving time for the client, it also saves time for the agent. When you do a virtual open house, you get to cater to more clients at once. By posting virtual open houses on social media, it increases the possibility of more people seeing your listing. Since it is conveniently available online, it can reach a wider audience since it can reach people despite their geographic location. People who see it can also easily share or recommend the property to other potential buyers.

3. It helps in capturing leads.

Just like during physical open houses, you can generate leads when you conduct virtual open houses. People who are interested in the property will comment on your post or will message you to know more. You will also have an idea of who your target market is as you’ll be able to see those who ‘likes’ and shares your post. Since it is virtual, you are not limited to locals and residents in your community. You can attract potential out of town buyers as well. Make sure to get their email addresses, numbers, and to invite them to like your social media page so that you can also be visible to them.

4. It increases brand recognition.

Virtual open houses also give a great opportunity to market yourself and to build your brand. Do you specialize in selling condominiums? Do you help military men and women find the right house for them? Now is the time to get that out of the open and make sure that everyone knows what your brand and expertise is so they can remember to look for you if they need your service in the future.

Tips on How to Conduct a Successful Virtual Open House

It’s not always easy to conduct a virtual open house, especially if it’s your first time. Here are some tips that can help you conduct a successful virtual open house:

1. Promote your virtual open house ahead of time.

Although platforms such as Facebook and Instagram will notify your followers when you go live, it is still best to announce your virtual open house ahead of time. Promoting your virtual open house can give people a heads up to clear their schedule to attend your open house. You can also create an events page on Facebook that can give you a chance to invite people personally and give people the option of confirming their attendance. Other ways to promote your open house include sending a newsletter and announcing it on Facebook, Instagram, and posting Stories about it.

2. Spend enough time on your tour.

Plan how you are going to go through your tour ahead of time. Since people will only get to see what you will show them, make sure to think about how you can present the house to them in a way that they can see everything clearly. Use words to explain the features, layout, and expectations that they might have. Don’t rush things and take time. If you opted to go live on social media, make sure to read people’s comments that are posted in real-time. Allot a time for a question and answer and most importantly, make sure to end with a strong call to action.

3. Consider doing multiple tours in a day.

To maximize your virtual open house and the time of your audience, you can consider doing multiple tours in a day. Instead of showing only one property, conduct a series of tours of your multiple listings in the same area.

4. Follow up with your leads.

In a traditional setup, you will be able to gather leads by passing around a sign-in sheet to get the participants’ contact information. During a virtual open house, you can leave a call-to-action before you end the tour. Let them comment down their email address or ask them to send you a message after your tour. You can tell them that you’ll send them a useful reference for them to provide the email address.

After the tour, email them the overview of the property details and include the digital brochure. This is essential as they won’t remember everything that you discussed during your tour. Most importantly, this will put your listing on top of the minds of your potential clients.

By knowing this information about hosting a virtual open house, you’ll be able to successfully conduct your own virtual open house in no time. Through a virtual open house, you’ll also be able to reach more audiences, especially those who do not have time to go out of their house to visit a property or you can capture the interest of your social media audience who accidentally came across your video of your virtual open house. Who knows? These unexpected people might end up being your next buyer.

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