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A Guide to Starting A Blog for Real Estate Agents

Starting a real estate blog on your website is a great way to widen your reach. The more you write informational and educational content on your blog, the more people will discover you. Not only this, having a blog that’s helpful to people around you will also establish you as a credible thought leader in your area. So what’s the catch? Well, first thing is you need to commit to writing content regularly. You also need to regularly brainstorm relevant topics and find ways to improve your blogging practices. Is it worth the effort? Here are some benefits of blogging for real estate agents so you can decide if blogging is for you.

The Benefits of Blogging for Real Estate Agents

1. Boost your Search Engine Optimization

By creating fresh and original content for your blog, you are continuously boosting your SEO ranking on search engines such as Google or Bing. When you boost your SEO ranking, your website will have more and more traffic.

Follow on-page and off-page SEO rules and you’ll be sure to rank on the first page of Google in no time. Using keywords that are relevant to your business will help you be more discoverable to your target audience.

2. Connect People to your Brand

By having a blog for your brand, you are creating more opportunities for people to discover you and to connect to your brand. By sharing education, informative, and personal content you are inviting more people to learn from you and to get to know your brand better.

3. Establish yourself as an industry leader

Blogging can be your way of sharing knowledge to your audience. Use your blog as a way to impart information that will benefit your current and potential clients. 

With this, you’ll be able to establish yourself as a credible industry leader. They will be able to know that you have ample experience in the industry, can be trusted, and that you can be their go-to person should they need advice about real estate which can eventually lead to more inquiries and higher sales.

Steps to Get Started with Your Blog

  1. Think of a blog name that is unique and relevant to your real estate business.
  2. Choose a reliable web host.
  3. Purchase and connect a domain name. (if you don’t already have one) and choose a blog platform such as WordPress.
  4. Pick a theme that is aligned with your branding. This will give your blog more personality and character, but make sure that it also looks professional.
  5. Brainstorm possible content topics and develop content buckets. Make sure that the topics will be beneficial to your target audience.
  6. Write content, edit, and publish the content to your blog.
  7. Share on social channels to promote your blog post.

Topic Ideas to Talk About in Your Blog

Once you know the basics on how to get started with blogging, you now need to work on the content. Thinking of possible topics that you can talk about in your blog can be challenging. As real estate agents, blogging is a great way to reach your audience and gain more leads. But coming up with an interesting topic to sustain your blog for a long time can be draining.

So we’ve got some ideas for you!

1. Market Updates

Writing a comprehensive real estate market update will help keep your readers up to date with current trends and help them manage their real estate decisions better. Home sale trends, changes in mortgage rates, and lending restrictions are topics that both sellers and buyers would love to read about.

By writing market updates at least every quarter, you are not only keeping them informed, but you are also giving a positive impression that will help build your credibility.

2. Property Lists

Another interesting topic that homebuyers in your area will surely love is property lists. Provide helpful blog posts about property lists for different types of properties such as family homes, apartments, luxury homes, etc. Buyers are always looking for this type of helpful content. Make sure to keep your lists relevant and updated by creating a new list for them monthly.

3. Home Maintenance

This topic will definitely be useful to your audience. Discuss anything about home maintenance – things that they need to check regularly, seasonal maintenance, and tips and things that they can do on their own. Everyone would want their homes to be well-maintained and taken care of.

4. Home Interior

Who wouldn’t want to talk about decorating and improving their home interior? People would love to learn about how they can make their home cozier and more comfortable. This is also perfect for those who are just planning to buy their home. This will give them an idea on what type of house they want.

As real estate agents, blogging is an important part of your business. Blogging provides traffic to your website, can lead potential clients to you, and eventually grow your business. But for you to get these benefits, you also need to give your audience something that would benefit them. You need to provide content that is relevant and useful to your target audience.

With these tips and basics on blogging, you can easily start your blog soon and attract the right audience.

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