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Do you know about these Canva hacks?

Are you new to Canva? Well, even if you’ve been using it for quite some time, I’m sure these Canva hacks will help you get more things done on Canva in the most efficient way possible.

You can just press “t” to create a text box.

When you want to create a text box, you’ll have to go to the text section and select the text box you would like to use; then, eventually, type what you would like to write. This process seems a bit long as you will still be fixing its font and format afterwards, anyway. To save you with the hassle, you can actually just press “t” on your keyboard and voila – a text box will appear on your design.

You can easily select elements behind other elements.

Have you been frustrated with trying to select a specific element behind other elements? I’m quite sure you’ve struggled with this too. What I’ve been doing before is that I temporarily move the elements on top just to select the elements behind it. It disrupts the overall layout! Good thing I knew that you can just actually select the element at the top and press CTRL + click until your preferred element is selected.

Add your team to Canva Pro for free.

When you purchase Canva Pro, you can actually save money because Canva allows you to add up to four team members to Pro for free! You can now easily share designs and edit them together in your team folder. How cool is that?

Share directly on social media.

Did you know that you can save so much time on Canva by connecting your social media accounts like Facebook, Instagram, or Pinterest? Instead of downloading your design after you create it, you can directly upload and schedule them on Canva!

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