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Gain More Leads with These Lead Magnet Topic Ideas

Are you looking for new ways to attract more leads? Crafting lead magnets that will provide value and pique your target audience’s curiosity is an effective way to gain new leads.

If you are looking for ideas to get started, here are a few lead magnet ideas that could be perfect for you:

1. Guide to buying a home

Every first time home buyer loves to read a good guide to buying a home. So if you are targeting first time home buyers, this lead magnet is perfect for you.

Make sure to go the extra mile and provide comprehensive yet clear content that’s not easily available on the Internet. You can customize the article for your specific area. Write content that will really help them in their home buying journey.

2. Home improvement tips

Home improvement tips are for people who already have a home, but are invested to improve it in different ways.

This type of lead magnet might not attract those who are buying at the moment, but it will attract those who might be interested to buy in the future. When you get their email addresses, you can regularly send them emails which will help you stay top of mind until they are ready to buy a property.

3. List of properties under $$$

Home buyers have a specific budget that they set when it comes to looking for a property. This is one of their considerations when shortlisting their options. Hence, having a list of properties under a specific budget as your lead magnet topic will attract more readers. This can also be your chance to showcase your property listings and target potential buyers that match these listings.

4. Guide to buying an investment property

Some buyers are looking into buying a property as an investment. A guide to buying an investment property is a great lead magnet topic to target second property buyers. This topic can also be a way for you to retarget your previous clients and will give you the opportunity to close another deal with them.

For more lead magnet ideas and samples, visit the PorchLyte website and subscribe! You can also learn more about growing your real estate business by joining the PorchLyte free Facebook group!

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