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How to Improve Your Graphic Design Skills

As real estate agents, who would’ve thought that we would ever need to learn graphic design?! But as people become more dependent on technology, we learned that our marketing strategies need to adapt as well.

Websites, social media, content, email marketing – in all of these things, we can’t avoid doing a little graphic design. So I’m giving a few quick tips on how to improve your graphic design skills:

1. Take courses on graphic design

There are many free and paid courses online that can teach you the basics of graphic design. If you have zero knowledge on this or if you really want to improve your skills, taking a course is a great way to learn from experts. This way, you can learn the different terms, get updated on graphic design trends, and get to practice your graphic design skills before using them in real life.

2. Know your tools

Photoshop, Illustrator, or Canva – whatever tool you are using for your graphics, it is a must to know it well. As a graphic designer, knowing how to use your tools will help you maximize your resources. Knowing how to use them well and learning about their shortcuts will also help you be more efficient and boost your productivity.

3. Ask for feedback

In any skill, one of the ways on how you can improve is by knowing the specific areas that need improvement. You can do this by asking for feedback. Connect with fellow graphic designers or realtors and learn from them. Ask for tips on what works best. You can also ask your clients for feedback. They will be good respondents as they are also the target of your content. Assess your work and create improvements based on their feedback.

4. Create brand design guidelines

Your business should have a unique brand identity. To ensure that all your visuals are consistent, create brand design guidelines. Follow these guidelines for all materials. If you have a consistent branding, your brand will be easily identified by and be more remarkable to your market.

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