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How To Increase Your Engagement On Social Media

Social Media is the most effective platform that entrepreneurs use to promote their business. It’s free, it’s easy to use, and you can easily reach a wide range of audiences. With the right strategy, social media can help you find potential clients which can eventually help grow your business.

But even before you expand your followers, you should learn how to engage your current audience.


Incorporate images in your posts.

How can you make your posts stand out among the rest? With just a few seconds, people are able to scroll down through multiple posts on their feed. So you have to make sure that your content is thumb-stopping. 

One way is by incorporating compelling images in your posts. Photos catch the attention of your audience. Hence, it will increase the chance of them to interact with and share your post. Users also prefer sharing content with images as it provides a visual story.


Conduct Facebook or Instagram Live.

Aside from images, videos help increase engagement on social media. It will serve as a breaker among your static posts as it gives a refreshing change to your usual content. Also, people are likely to engage with an informative video rather than read a long social media post. 

For immediacy, you might also want to explore doing a live video. Live streaming is perfect to address your audience and provide relevant information to them. This is a great way to engage your audience as they can leave their comments while you are doing a live video and you can interact with them in real-time. Whenever you go live, it will provide a push notification to your followers, giving them the immediacy to click on it and watch your video.

To gather more audience, make an announcement on when you will go live. Create a teaser if you have to. Give them an idea of what you will talk about. Just make sure that your topic is relevant enough to your audience that they wouldn’t want to miss it.


Ask for feedback.

Understanding comes from two-way communication. Communication becomes effective if the two parties are able to convey their message clearly. On social media, aside from doing live videos and addressing their comments in real-time, one of the best ways to engage your audience is by asking for their feedback. 

Feedback is very important. It allows you to know what your audience thinks and develop your strategy based on that. It can help you improve your content and learn what information they would like to know. It will keep your page constantly relevant. Furthermore, it makes your audience feel that they are part of your community – that you care about their opinion.

Aside from keeping your content in check, regularly asking for feedback will also help you gain engagement. Asking for feedback doesn’t necessarily have to be feedback about your service. It can also be just a simple question to keep your audience engaged. Experiment with different questions. For this week, you can ask them about their favorite song to listen to while working. On the weekend, you can ask them about their favorite thing to do on Sundays. See what works and what doesn’t work. You’ll know the results based on the feedback that you’ll receive from your audience. Then, adjust your strategy accordingly. Eventually, you’ll get a good grasp of what content works best with your audience.


Share content that is relevant to your audience.

As discussed in our previous point, your content should always be relevant to your audience. Learn about them. Research on topics that will be beneficial to them. Aside from content that is worth sharing with your current followers, take this opportunity to expand your audience by creating content that they would actually want to share with their friends.

Keep giving them information that is beneficial to them. This will help you retain their loyalty to your page. Since you will be posting various content over time, it is very important, albeit definitely a challenging aspect of managing a social media page, to provide useful content. If they do not get relevant information from your page, they will eventually lose interest and will probably unfollow your page.


Set the tone of your posts by using an emoji.

Although you will be providing facts and useful information to your audience, you do not need to sound like a robot. Utilize emojis to set a friendly tone. People prefer talking to humans instead of robots or computers, don’t they? Set a warm and friendly tone to make you more approachable. This will help your audience feel that there is a human behind those posts and they can easily talk to you if they have concerns. People are also more likely to reach out if you make them feel welcome.

Just be careful when using emojis. Too much emojis in one post might be too informal. Although we want to look friendly, we should still prioritize being professional. As realtors, we should always find the balance between friendliness and professionalism.


Keep learning about your audience.

The possibilities seem endless with social media. Through social media, you will be able to build a community, develop relationships with potential clients, and retain customer loyalty. However, trends, as well as consumer behavior and preference, change over time. In order for your business to survive, you need to learn how to adapt. Keep learning about your audience and you will surely develop the best strategy to keep them engaged and interested not only in your social media page but also in your business.

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