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How to succeed at failure

How many times have you failed at something? I’m sure most of us have experienced failure – whether big or small. It may be a listing presentation that you went on, negotiation with a client, or as simple as mistakenly giving out the wrong time when touring houses.

You know what? It’s okay to feel bad about your mistakes. What’s important is what you do to recover from those mistakes. It already happened. Stop dwelling on it and do these three things to succeed from those failures:


You cannot stay in the mindset of blaming somebody else but yourself. Take ownership of that failure. Once you admit that you made a mistake, only then you can do something about it and be able to redeem yourself from it.


Reflect from your failure. What could I do differently moving forward? Don’t dwell on the past and instead think about what steps you can take to make things different next time. You can always improve.


Do things differently. If you don’t change those patterns, you are just going to repeat those mistakes and spiral into the cycle of failure. Upon reflecting and learning what went wrong, ensure to think about how you can do it better next time.

We’re all humans. We make mistakes. It is inevitable. We are all bound to fail but the only way you can get better is to acknowledge it, learn from it, and adjust. Be gentle with yourself and take it as an opportunity to improve. These things will keep you moving forward and help you succeed.

One thing that could also help you overcome these is by surrounding yourself with supportive people. We, at PorchLyte, are a community that supports each other and helps each other learn from their past mistakes. It’s a great community where you can share your strengths and weaknesses and grow together as real estate agents.

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