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Improve how you prospect clients in 2022!

Get on top of your business plans this year by prospecting for clients. To make it clear, prospecting clients does not mean selling, but just focusing on warm leads and guiding them to your sales funnel. The process of client prospecting is important for every business and can increase your sales.

Take client prospecting seriously this 2022. Take time brainstorming: list down your target market and where you think you can find the most leads. Here are some tips on how to prospect clients this 2022:

1. Start with people you know

Instead of cold calling or cold emailing, why not start with people you already know? People you already know can lead you to more like-minded people. Your family and friends as well as your existing clients and former clients can definitely help you in prospecting.

Don’t be afraid of asking them for referrals. The best thing about talking to these people is that you already have a working relationship with them. Some might not be able to give you referrals at the moment, but maintain this relationship and you might be surprised when they call you weeks, months or even years later, asking for your service. Invest in these people and you’ll reap the benefits sooner or later.

2. Search and search online

If you know how to create content online, you’ll never run out of prospects. Eye-catching graphics paired with an engaging copy will surely reach potential clients. Organically, you can join groups where you can post your content and engage with other people. But you can also invest in online ads, learn how to target clients, and you’ll surely widen your reach. Most online ads are flexible and start at low prices, so it’s definitely worth considering especially when you don’t have an audience yet.

3. Attend events

Whether it’s conferences or trade shows, festivals, or other community events, being present is an effective way to widen your network and prospect for clients. Online gatherings are equally, if not more, effective. As a realtor, being an active part of your local community can definitely bring in leads.

Since it’s not possible to be at every event, your job is to determine which events your target clients are most likely to attend. Networking is key and you need to be prepared to introduce yourself and engage with many people. Join follow-up groups and forums, exchange emails and contact numbers, and be proactive when discussing with other participants.

Make client prospecting a monthly routine. Take it seriously, keep listing names, persist in contacting people, and you’ll see your business grow in no time.

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