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Instagram Reels vs. IG Stories: Maximizing Reach and Engagement

When it comes to social media, Instagram continues to be a pivotal platform for personal branding and business growth, especially for Real Estate Agents. Two features, Instagram Reels and Stories, have become essential tools for users, especially for those in visually-driven fields like real estate, fashion, and lifestyle. Understanding the nuances of these features is key to maximizing your reach and engagement. Let’s talk about why both are important, but why Reels might just be your go-to for expanding your audience.

The Power of Instagram Stories

Instagram Stories, introduced in 2016, completely enhanced the way users interact with their followers. These short, 15-second clips or images that disappear after 24 hours, offer a quick, engaging way to share moments of your day, provide updates, or interact with your audience through polls, questions, and more.

Stories allow for real-time sharing, creating a small but authentic connection. They’re perfect for showcasing behind-the-scenes content, sharing quick updates, or even going live to directly engage with your audience! This authenticity helps in building a more personal connection with your followers.

Also, the casual nature of Stories means they don’t require high production value. A quick snapshot or a brief video update is enough, making them an accessible tool for daily interaction. 

Stories are also interactive. Polls, question boxes, and swipe-up links (for accounts with 10,000+ followers) make Stories an excellent tool for engaging with your audience and driving traffic to your website or specific content. PERFECT for those real estate-related questions.

Instagram Reels: The Game Changer for Reach

Back in 2020, when Instagram Reels were first introduced – they took IG by storm! These 15 to 30-second multi-clip videos, with the option to add music, effects, and creative tools, are not just fun – they are a powerful way to reach a broader audience.

Instagram’s algorithm heavily favors Reels. 

This means that Reels have a higher chance of being seen not just by your followers but also by the broader Instagram community. The Reels tab on Instagram further boosts visibility.

Keep in mind Reels are designed to be shared and discovered. They show up in users’ Explore pages, increasing the likelihood of your content reaching potential new followers. This discoverability is a significant advantage for expanding your reach beyond your current audience.

Reels offer the opportunity to be creative with video content. Whether it’s a quick tour of a new listing for realtors, or a fun, engaging how-to decorate video, Reels can be tailored to highlight your brand in a HUGE way!

Don’t forget, unlike Stories, Reels don’t disappear after 24 hours. They remain on your profile, allowing them to gather views over time. This means they continue to work for you long after they’re posted.

Why Reels Are Essential for Maximizing Reach

While Stories are an excellent tool for engaging with your current followers, Reels are the key to expanding your audience on Instagram. The algorithm’s preference for Reels means that well-crafted, engaging Reel content has the potential to seriously boost your visibility on the platform. For realtors looking to grow their audience, Reels offer a higher opportunity to reach new eyes.

Why Your IG Strategy Needs Both

A successful Instagram strategy doesn’t rely solely on either Reels or Stories; it incorporates both. 

Pro Tip: Use Stories for daily updates, direct engagement, and to build a personal connection with your audience. 

Use Reels for broader reach, creative storytelling, and to attract new followers.

The Takeaway

With social media, understanding and utilizing the strengths of different features like Instagram Reels and Stories is super important. For Agents looking to expand their reach and grow their audience, Reels offer an amazing opportunity, thanks to being favored by the Instagram algorithm and their shareability. However, Stories remain an invaluable tool for maintaining engagement and building a personal connection with your existing audience. By balancing the use of both Reels and Stories, you can maximize your impact on Instagram, ensuring not just a wider reach but also a deeply engaged follower base.

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