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Is there such a thing as a winter slowdown in real estate?

As an agent, do you believe that there is a winter slowdown in real estate? The holidays are a busy season for everyone and some agents opt to take a quick break and just continue their business the following year. But if you are one of those who refuse to back down and continue the battle until the end of the year, that’s great! There are actually a lot of advantages to doing real estate transactions around the holidays.

1. There are more serious buyers and sellers.

For most people, doing a real estate transaction is not their top priority during the holidays. Besides, it is a festive season. They are out partying, doing Christmas shopping, or having a vacation. So if a person spends time selling or buying a home during this season, it means he/she is serious. Instead of getting busy with all the holiday preparations, he/she chose to give his/her time and attention to the real estate transaction.

Furthermore, most people plan their future during this time. They’re thinking about change or relocation. And buying a new home might just be the new milestone that they are looking for.

2. There is less competition.

Since most people are busy with the holiday festivities during the Christmas season, you’ll have less competition when buying or selling a home. For sellers, there’ll be fewer homes available in the market which will make their homes stand out. For buyers, they get to find properties at reasonable prices since there’s less competition.

3. You’ll only need simple staging.

Holiday decorations are a great way to showcase a home during this time. But be careful not to overkill it! A few well-placed decors and holiday scents can add warmth to the home. Bring out your throw pillows and blankets to make the place cozier. Having a cozy atmosphere will help potential buyers imagine what it’s like living in that home.

So, don’t think twice this holiday season! Although you are very excited to snuggle at home this winter, end the year with a bang by closing more deals this holiday season!

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