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What NOT to post on social media..

Last week, I gave you tips on what you should post on social media. For this week, Iet’s talk about what you shouldn’t post. Best to be looking at both sides of the coin!

You may find yourself a bit eager making sure you have content consistently on your business page that you might not notice you’re doing something wrong. Below are some of the tips on what you SHOULD NOT DO:

What Not to Post on Social Media


I hate to break it to you, but nobody cares what awards you’ve won or how many sales you had this past month. People care about the story behind the sale — ex., a first-time homebuyer who struggled for years to save for a down payment, and now he/she found his/her dream home.

People want information, value. Put yourself in the buyer’s shoes. If you’re searching for an agent, what information would you want to see? The more variety of topics you post, the more you will show your authority, expertise, letting them know you can be their go-to person. Hence, it can eventually increase your engagement on your social media channels.


Most people ask if it is okay to promote their business using their personal Facebook page. Honestly, that would be a big no! Facebook does not encourage using personal profiles to advertise and promote products and serices and you might end up getting your account banned.

Using a business page also has a lot of advantages. You can have an unlimited number of followers, whereas on a personal profile your can only have up to 5,000 friends. You can schedule posts in advance and even sync your Instagram business account. Another advantage of using a business account is that you can use it to run Facebook advertisements to promote your business on a larger scale.


Explore doing videos. Did you know that Facebook and Instagram are going to reward you for doing videos? They will push you up their algorithm which means your post will be seen by more people! Do videos whether FB or IG live, IG stories, etc. If you’re not confident enough yet, don’t worry! You can also do video posts so you can pre-record your videos. Create a script and do multiple takes. Practice all you want until you feel comfortable in front of the camera.


Using hashtags related to your post and keywords is a great way to get found organically on social media. However, if you’re using hashtags on every sentence of your caption, it might backfire and irritate your readers causing you to lose more followers instead.

Another thing is not to use hashtags on words that are irrelevant or not at all related to your posting. Generic words like #life #sky #love will probably not help you at all. Make sure that your hashtags are specific, relevant, and targeted to your intended audience.

Although you can post up to 30 hashtags on Instagram, doesn’t mean you need to use them all. So don’t overdo it and just stick to hashtags that can deliver the message and reach your target audience.

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