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3 Easy Instagram Reel Ideas for Real Estate Agents

Instagram Reels is taking over the Internet! It’s hot, it’s trendy, and it’s easy to watch. Everyone loves Reels and for us realtors, it’s a perfect way to introduce our businesses, what we do, and why people should engage with us. They’re also super easy to create!

Here are three Instagram ideas for realtors that you can easily do today!

1. Introduce yourself and your team

Introducing yourself and your team is a great way to show people the human side of your business, giving them a peek of your personality and gaining a stronger, more personal connection with your audience. Take some time to invite your team members, film a quick intro, and let your creativity let loose in front of the camera.

2. Create a “Day in the Life of” Kind of Reel

Share snippets of your day through Reels! Show your followers what it looks like to be a realtor through a “Day in the Life of” type of Reel. You can show them how it’s like to organize an open house, how it’s like to show clients different listings, staging a home, etc. Since Reels are just 30 seconds in length, you can take short videos and edit them to fit the time and music that you choose for your Reel.

3. Offer Quick Tips and Tricks

Think of simple real estate or finance topics that you can share in less than 60 seconds! It can either be one tip or topic that you can discuss or a few tips that you can enumerate. Sharing tips will establish your knowledge and credibility to your followers and will let them know that you are a professional realtor that they can get in touch with for real estate services in your area! For more real estate digital marketing tips, make sure to join our free Facebook group!

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