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4 Canva Pro Features You Don’t Want To Miss

Are you still using the free version of Canva? While it’s a great platform regardless of your account status, the free version has limited features that can hinder your business growth. Canva Pro offers a lot of amazing features that can transform your business from nay to yay! Aside from access to premium content such as stock photos and elements, instant animation, and removing background from images, there’s still so much more you can do.

Here are four Canva Pro features that you wouldn’t want to miss!

1. Resize In One Click

Using a design template for different platforms is unavoidable, that’s why Canva Pro’s one-click resize is a great feature. You can make a copy and resize your design into any size that you need without having to recreate the design.

This helps make marketing campaigns more efficient especially when you need to create a design for different platforms such as Facebook, Instagram Stories, Twitter or if you need printed materials such as flyers, posters, and brochures.

2. Use the Canva Brand Kit

The Canva brand kit allows you to create your brand from scratch or upload existing assets so that you easily stay on-brand for all of your designs. When you use the brand kit, you can upload your logo, set your color theme, and your brand fonts. When you create a design, you’ll be able to easily choose your brand kit settings without any hassle. Canva brand kit allows you to have a smoother and more efficient workflow while staying consistently on-brand!

3. Add Comments and Notes

Whether you are working alone or with a team, you should take advantage of the add comments or notes feature on Canva. This feature simply means that you can add comments on every page of your design. You can use this to add a comment or correction to a teammate’s design, write a caption for that page, take note of a link, etc.

4. Schedule Social Posts Directly

With Canva Pro, you can connect your social media accounts to post and schedule content directly! It takes away the hassle of downloading graphics and then uploading them on your chosen platform. Now you can conveniently post and engage on Facebook, Linkedin, Pinterest, and Twitter via Canva!

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