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4 Things To Check Before Publishing Your Website

Creating Instagram Reels for your business is a great opportunity to build your brand. You can showcase your listings, post educational and funny content, and even use it to promote yourself. While it might seem like an intimidating task, you can easily create or edit your Reels on Canva!

In this article, we’ll be breaking down the step-by-step process of creating Reels on Canva:

Step 1: Choose the right template.

Log on to Canva and create a new design. Search for Instagram Reels in the size options (1080×1920 px). This will give you a design template formatted especially for Instagram reels and make it easier for you to create and edit.

Once you have chosen the right template size, you’ll have hundreds of Reel templates to choose from! You can also opt to start from scratch.

Step 2: Customize your Reel.

Add your images, graphics, text, or video clips to create your reel. At the bottom, you’ll see that you can add pages to your Reel, which represent different timeframes for your video. You can create as many frames as you like as long as you don’t go over the 90-second limit.

Step 3: Edit the video.

Once you have your video in place, you can continue editing it on Canva to add more animation, trim video clips, add music or a voiceover, make sure that the timing for the video and music is just right, and make sure that it stays within 90 seconds.

Step 4: Download and publish the Reel.

After you’ve previewed the final video on Canca, you can download your Reel and publish it on Instagram. Make sure that you download the video as an MP4 with all the pages included. If you’re Canva is connected to your Instagram, you’ll even be able to publish it directly. If you haven’t added music to your Reel yet, you can also do that directly on Instagram before you publish it.

Choose a cover image, create a caption for your Reel, put in a few hashtags, and you’re good to go!

Do you have your own website? Or are you planning to have one? The benefits of having a real estate website are many in number, and the risks of getting left behind without one are very real. With the right strategy and a good website, people will be able to find your business easily, you will gain more leads faster, and eventually, convert them into sales.

To ensure that you’ll be able to maximize the benefits of having your own website, here are 4 things to check before publishing your website:

1. Colors

Are you happy with the colors? Have you checked if the colors are aligned with your business’ branding? Aside from this, make sure that the combination of the colors works well together. The color combination should be pleasing to the eyes to promote a more user-friendly experience for website visitors. Be creative! Don’t be afraid to play around with colors as you can easily change them as often as you like. Feel free to explore to find what works best.

2. Content

Do you have all the content that you need? Check every page and make sure that you are not missing anything. What are the things that you’d like your audience to see? Were you able to communicate everything that you want on your website? Make sure to double-check every page for any typos or grammatical errors.

3. Font

Choose the right font. The size and the font type must be easily readable. No matter how good your content is, if the text is hard to read, you won’t be able to sustain the attention of your readers. Also, along with the colors, make sure that the font you choose will reflect your business’ brand. Consistency will give your website and business pages a more professional look.

4. Compatibility with mobile

Most people are always on-the-go and use their mobile phones when searching for something online. It’s faster and more convenient. But it can sometimes be frustrating if the website you are looking at isn’t mobile-friendly. So, businesses have to adapt to the latest trends and market behavior. Since most people are dependent on mobile, you have to make sure that your website is optimized for mobile viewing.

Overall, to ensure that all your hard work for your website will pay off, the key to capturing and keeping the attention of your audience is by providing them with a good user experience on your website.

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