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A Guide to Instagram Reels for Real Estate Agents

In this digital age, social media has continuously evolved to cater to the needs of its users. This has also provided business owners such as real estate agents more ways to connect with their audience. Since relationships with clients are usually built through a genuine connection, realtors must take an effort to also show their personality on their social media page. This is one way to be discovered by your audience, capture their attention, and eventually build a relationship with them.

With this, Reels is one of Instagram’s features that realtors can utilize to showcase their business.

What are Instagram Reels? Instagram Reels is a feature on Instagram where you can create fun and entertaining 15-60 second video clips that you can share on your Instagram Stories, Explore tab, and Reels tab which is a great way to be discovered by Instagram users. It is a great way to create entertaining and educational videos for your real estate business.

Why You Should Use Instagram Reels

1. It is easy to create.

Through Instagram Reels, you can include multiple clips, edit it with audio, effects, and other creative tools. And you can do all these within IG reels! Unlike an Instagram post or Instagram TV, it doesn’t need to be too curated or polished. You can talk about anything as IG reels are supposed to showcase light and fun content.

 2. You can reach a wider audience

Instagram Reels will not only be shared with your followers but will also be featured on the Explore section of Instagram, where it can reach a wider audience around the world as long as your Instagram profile is set to public. Not only will you get more engagement with your current followers, but you’ll also get more followers that are interested in your content!

 3. It is published permanently on your feed.

Unlike Instagram Stories, Instagram Reels do not disappear after 24 hours. It will be published permanently on your feed so your audience will be able to check it out anytime. This increases the probability of more people seeing your content. Also, given this, you are free to include important information about your business in IG reels as it will be always and easily available to your audience.

4. You can showcase your brand personality to your audience.

Creating Instagram Reels is a great way to let loose and be more creative and playful with your content. By showing your audience a more human side of your brand, you can create a better connection and brand affinity with them.

These are just a few reasons why you need to use Instagram Reels ASAP! So go ahead and create your content and let me know how it goes!

How to Use Instagram Reels

Using Instagram Reels is as easy as uploading Instagram Stories. Here’s a quick guide on how to use Instagram Reels:

 1. Upload or record a video.

There are three ways to create a Reels: through the Instagram home screen, the Reels tab, or the Instagram Stories camera. You can choose to record a Reel at the moment by holding down the center reel button to start the recording, or by choosing an existing video by selecting it from your library.

2. Personalize and add a twist.

There are various features that you can use in Instagram Reels. Like Instagram Stories, you can add stickers, texts, and effects. You can explore the icons on the top right of your screen for these features. What’s also great about Instagram Reels is when putting a text, you can set when you would like each text to appear. It is perfect for doing informative content as a real estate agent.

3. Publish your reel.

Once you’re done editing, click “Share To” to publish your reel. Don’t forget to add a hashtag to your caption to increase the visibility of your content. Also, when you feature certain songs, hashtags, or effects in your reel, once it is published, it will appear on dedicated pages for that specific song, hashtag, or effect.

What should I upload on Instagram Reels?

As a real estate agent, there are many types of content that you can share on Reels! You can post a virtual house tour, tips and tricks for home buyers or home sellers, how-tos, or even the behind-the-scenes of your job. Show off the personality and fun side of your brand. Be creative and make sure to keep it short, entertaining, and informative!

Instagram Reels Content Ideas:

  • Short Virtual House Tour
  • Tips and tricks for home buyers or home sellers
  • How-to videos
  • Behind-the-scenes

Instagram Reels are fun, relatable, and easy to create! It doesn’t need to be too serious or polished like a Youtube video. And unlike Instagram Stories, you can publish it on your feed and it doesn’t disappear after 24 hours. It’s definitely a great way to promote your real estate business and to grow your audience.

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