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How to Conduct an Effective FB Live

Since Facebook Live was launched in 2016, it has changed the way people tell stories and communicate. It has allowed people and businesses to instantly share stories, live events, discussions while engaging with their audience in real time. 

The Facebook Live feature has rapidly increased in popularity with majority of its users watching Facebook Live. According to HubSpot Academy, 78% of online audiences are watching video on Facebook Live as of 2018.

Why use Facebook Live?

Facebook Live is a video streaming feature by Facebook where you can conduct live broadcasting. It lets you showcase authenticity and lets viewers tune into your broadcast. They get to comment and react real-time.

For real estate agents, conducting a Facebook Live is a helpful tool that can greatly increase their engagement online. But are you really doing enough to ensure that you maximize this tool and use it effectively? 

Here are some tips on how to conduct a Facebook Live session effectively:

1. Make sure you have the right equipment.

Before you even get started, you have to acquire the necessary equipment. You will surely not have a hard time on this as the equipment needed is readily available when you have your laptop. All you need is a camera and a microphone. Test both to check if they are working well. Of course, you can level up next time by upgrading your equipment. You can get a better camera and microphone to provide you better quality broadcasting.

2. Choose a clean, quiet, and well-lit location

Your Facebook Live’s background might not seem like a big deal, but it might affect the audience’s perception of your brand. Think of doing Facebook Live as a way of inviting your audience to your brand’s personal space. It is a way for them to know you more. 

If you have a dark or cluttered background with barking noises coming from your dogs, your audience might think that you aren’t a professional or credible real estate agent. Compare this to having a quiet, clean, and well-lit space. The peaceful and professional environment will speak its volume and communicate how professional, well-prepared, and serious you are with your Facebook Live session.

3. Develop your script.

Doing live streaming doesn’t mean everything has to be impromptu. It is better to prepare a script or at least talking points that will guide you throughout your live session. When spontaneously talking in front of an audience, some speakers tend to get carried away and talk about things that are out of topic. Having a guide will help you ensure that your thoughts during broadcast do not become scattered.

4. Practice.

After developing your script, allot time to rehearse before going live. This will help you practice the flow of your talk which will make you feel more comfortable when you face your live audience. Also, once you master the flow of your speech, you will look more natural in front of the camera. Your audience will most probably connect with you if your talk doesn’t look scripted. It will provide them the feeling that you are a real person behind that camera.

5. Write a compelling caption description

Before your audience decides to watch your video, there’s a big chance that they’ll read the caption description first. Make sure that your caption description summarizes what you plan to talk about in your video. Be direct to the point and use powerful and specific words. 

For example, more viewers will be interested in watching a video with a description that says, “Join me for a House Tour Featuring a 3-bedroom villa in suburban British Columbia,” than simply saying, “House Tour Today.” Being specific with your description will also attract more people that will be genuinely interested in what you’re going to discuss.

6. Be presentable

Aside from preparing your script and practicing doing Live, make sure to be presentable in front of your audience. Wear simple makeup, fix your hair, and wear smart casual clothing. Don’t wear your pajamas or clothes that are too loose-fitting and revealing. You are trying to make a lasting impression with your viewers so make sure that you build credibility and trust with them from your background, script, delivery, and looks.

7. Interact with your viewers and commenters.

Since this is a live session, this is also your opportunity to engage with your audience real-time. Aside from just blurting out what is indicated on your script, make sure to interact with your audience. While giving valuable information, you also need to ensure that you have your audience’s attention and get them hooked throughout your broadcast. Since the audience won’t be able to directly talk to you, be on the lookout for comments that they might leave. Be ready to answer possible questions as this is also a good opportunity to open discussions.

Do you think you are ready to face the camera? Start researching about the topic you want to talk about and follow these tips to create an effective Facebook Live session. The first ever Live session will always be scary. But it is important to take this first step to grow as a Real Estate Social Media Marketer. Don’t be afraid to try new things. Practice until you feel comfortable and confident. After a few live sessions, you will surely be a pro.

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