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How to Write a Compelling Headline for Your Real Estate Blog

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When you first entered the world of real estate, who would’ve thought that you needed to learn so much more? Today, to be an effective realtor, you need to know social media marketing, blog writing, and even email marketing. And there’s one skill you need to know to be effective in all of these things – you need to know how to write.

Part of writing is knowing how to write a compelling real estate headline for your blog and emails. An effective headline piques curiosity and moves your audience to click open your website and read your blog.

Here are some tips to write a compelling headline for your blog:

1. Make it specific and clear

Headlines that are too generic can come out vague and unclear to your audience. From your headline, make sure that your topic is already clear to your audience upon first reading it. By pursuing clarity, you will be able to target the right audience and avoid confusion. Your audience will be more interested to read the whole article if the headline matches the content they are looking for.

2. Look for an interesting angle

Your headline should stand out among the rest. Headlines set the direction of your blog. So make sure that you use an interesting angle. It should be something that is useful and relevant to your target audience.

If it is too generic, your blog post will look like any other blog post that they’ve already read. Having an interesting angle for your heading will catch the attention of your reader and will encourage them to continue reading.

3. Up your adjective game

Instead of simply saying “3 bedroom, 2 bath single-detached house in Vancouver”, use action words and compelling adjectives. For example, you can say “Welcoming 3bed 2bath family home in the heart of Vancouver”. Using compelling adjectives will have more impact on your audience. Like our second example, it will appeal to their emotions more than the first one. Although purchasing a home is a business transaction, there are still many feelings involved. So make sure to capture the hearts of your potential buyers.

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