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Always-on Content Ideas for REALTORS®

Managing your real estate business can be hectic. On top of everything, maintaining regular content posting to keep your business page active can be too much to handle. Having a set of content ideas for regular posting is a helpful strategy. By identifying specific topics that should always be present on your page, you could easily come up with regular content to keep your page active.

Here are some ideas for always-on content for realtors:

1. Market update

As a realtor, it is a must for you to be on top of everything about the real estate market. Share your knowledge with your audience to keep them updated with the latest trends in real estate. Let the buyers and sellers know what to expect. Clients would want to work with someone who is knowledgeable in their industry. So this is also your chance to position yourself as a real estate expert.

2. New listings

Aside from connecting with potential clients, your end goal for your business is to get sales. You can use your social media page to promote new listings. Also, it would be more convenient for potential clients if they can easily see current listings. Besides, they probably visited your page looking for properties for sale. This strategy will help you save time as they won’t need to ask you inquiries about available listings anymore. Use a specific hashtag for available listings so it would be easier for them to find and identify which are still for sale and which are already sold.

3. Real estate tips

Be the resource person that your clients would want to have. Provide them with regular real estate tips by sharing them on your social media page. Share tips on home buying, home selling, property investment, or even about homeownership, home maintenance, and home styling.

4. Neighborhood guide

Show them how well you know your area by sharing local events, shops, and restaurants. This will give them the impression that you are a trustworthy real estate agent in your area – you care about your neighborhood and you involve yourself as part of the community. Moreover, you’ll be able to help promote different local businesses.

5. Personal posts

By sharing personal posts, you get to build a personal connection with your audience. Building good relationships with your clients is one of the best foundations of a real estate business. Show them how you are as a person, give them a peek of what happens in a day of your life, and introduce yourself – not just as a realtor but also on a personal level. As a realtor, it is important that you know how to market yourself. And people will be more comfortable doing business with you if you seem approachable.

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