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Are newsletters still worth it?

Today, I’m asking a question that affects all our businesses. Are newsletters still worth it? With all the innovations on social media, is it still worth the time, effort, and money that we put into writing and designing our newsletters?

The first step to answering this question is to look at your stats. Yes, definitely, newsletters are still proven as the most cost-effective and highest converting marketing tools. But are you doing it right?

So instead of asking if newsletters are still worth it, let’s all learn how to craft newsletters that your subscribers will read.

1. Write about a topic that’s relevant to your ideal clients

Not one of your subscribers would want to read all about you or your company. If you are still writing newsletters that way, then think for a moment and stop. Ask yourself, “What value am I bringing my followers?”

Write about topics that’s relevant to your ideal clients instead. This could be local news on real estate, hot and exclusive listings, or homebuyer or homeseller tips. Make it feel more personal to your subscribers by writing content that you know they’ll be interested in. You can even segment your audience to create a better experience for them and to improve your email engagement.

1. Craft a creative subject line

The subject line is the first thing that your followers will see. Instead of being strict and formal, write a witty and creative subject line that’s sure to capture their attention. Similar to what I did, you can also ask a question, use emojis, or add a sense of urgency. You’ll be able to attract more followers to read your newsletters when you improve your subject lines.

3. Finish strong with a call-to-action (CTA) button

Finally, make sure to finish strong with a good call-to-action at the end. After reading your newsletters, what do you want your followers to do? What have you inspired or motivated them to do? Is it to message you, join a group, buy your book, or more?

Good content will also motivate your followers to click that CTA button, so make sure that you write it well!

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