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Do you have an SEO strategy?

For the past few weeks, we talked about social media do’s and don’ts and while social media is a great way to build your business, you need to know that there are other effective ways to build your business outside of social!

I’m talking about developing a Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategy so that you can increase your real estate website’s visibility and credibility. SEO is an organic way to improve the quality of your website and to increase the traffic that goes into your website by gaining the trust of different search engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo) and ranking up on their search results.

Here are some tips to kickstart developing your own SEO strategy:

SEO Strategies


More than the technical aspects of SEO, your content is the backbone of your website. Prioritize creating quality content as this is what will help you engage your website visitors. If your content is relatable, the readers will share it; hence, reaching more people and increasing the organic traffic of your website.


Who would want to visit a website that is hard to navigate? No matter how engaging your content is, if the interface of your website gives your visitors a hard time, they will just stay there for a few seconds then leave. They’d rather search for other pages with related content as they have thousands of options on the internet.


Keyword research is one of the foundations of a successful SEO strategy. To choose the most effective keywords for your web pages, you must first understand who your target audience is, how they search and consume information on the Internet.

Choose different keywords that are similar and related to your niche. Don’t use terms that are too broad or too specific. There are free tools that can help you check the search volume and how tight the competition is for certain keywords so you can gauge your chances of ranking on search engines.


Do not just rely on your own website. Earn or build backlinks. Backlinks are links that your get from other websites that link back to your business’ website. For example, a blog about new real estate listings in your area included a property that links to your website. The more websites that link to you, the more trustworthy your blog will be and the more traffic you will get.

There are a lot of benefits to building your SEO strategy! Unlike paid advertising, SEO is free. Your website will be more trustworthy and credible to users and you can benefit from the rewards of building your SEO in the long run. Ultimately, this also translates to an increase in prospects and sales.

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