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Great Photo Editing Tools Other than Canva

Most, if not all of us, have probably used Canva at least once. It’s undoubtedly one of the most popular online photo editing tools out there and for a good reason too. Canva provides easily customizable templates, a variety of photos and elements to choose from, a wide range of fonts, and great sharing options. Not to mention how great its user interface is! Even if you are a total design noob, you will surely learn to use Canva quickly.

But Canva has its downsides too. With almost everyone using it, there’s a tendency that the templates and designs you use will look similar to what other businesses use. I’ve often encountered designs that I know right off the bat are designed using Canva.

So to give you more options, we’ve listed other great photo editing tools other than Canva:


Snappa is one of the most popular DIY graphic design tools available for free. Just like Canva, they have hundreds of customizable templates, free high-resolution photos, illustrations, and elements. They also have great collaboration tools that are perfect for teams.

Snappa’s entire concept is about “creating graphics in a snap.” It is perfect for on-the-go real estate agents who need to edit through their phones and post directly on their social media page.


If you plan on creating more data-based visuals, Piktochart is the one for you. While they also have templates for social media, they specialize in offering awesome templates for infographics, charts, presentations, and reports.

As real estate agents, I know these templates can come in handy in a lot of what we do! Piktochart is free to use, however, you can also upgrade to a premium account to unlock all their features.


RelayThat is best for those who do graphics for multiple brands. If you are having a hard time thinking of a design for each of your brands, this is for you. You can just simply upload your brand assets and RelayThat will provide you with design suggestions based on whatever platform you will use that artwork.

If you add more images and colors to your library, the more design options they can suggest. As the name implies, RelayThat “relays” your assets to different designs. You can use your spare time from creating content to growing your client base further.


Like Canva, Visme is also one of the most versatile graphic design tools you can find online. It includes easy-to-use templates, millions of image options, thousands of icons, and over 50 charts and data widgets. With its multiple features, you can easily create various materials like presentations, infographics, documents, videos, and graphics for your social media content.

If you’ve become tired of using Canva or think that you’ve already used up most of the templates from Canva, Visme is for you!

Running a real estate business entails so many things you have to do to keep it running. As realtors, we need to manage our time wisely. Don’t spend too much time creating your social media content. There are a lot of graphic design tools online, with a lot of pre-made templates, which you can use to speed up the development of your social media content and other marketing materials.

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