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Have you done a mid-year goals check-in?

Half of the year has passed and it’s the best time to re-evaluate your 2022 goals. Setting goals is an essential aspect of managing and growing your real estate business. And making sure that you are aligned with your goals throughout the year is equally important. Here are reasons why checking in your mid-year goals is necessary:

1. You get to evaluate your progress.

The main objective of doing a mid-year check-in is to evaluate your progress. What have you accomplished so far for your business? What goals have you ticked off your checklist? What goals have you deprioritized? What goals have you failed to start with yet? By asking yourself these questions, you get to review what you have achieved for your business and get back on track on the goals that you have left out.

2. You weed out the unnecessary.

As hardworking realtors, we can all be too ambitious and excited by the start of the year. And this can lead us to setting too many goals and end up being overwhelmed to finish everything. By checking in on each goal that you have set, you get to evaluate their relevance. Are they necessary for your business? If yes, how necessary are they? Do you need them to be accomplished within this year?

If you think they are not that urgent for your business, take them out of your goals list so you can focus on what’s necessary. Doing this will let you be more productive and prevent yourself from getting overwhelmed by all the responsibilities.

3. You can of course correct it if needed.

Being off-track with your goals is totally normal. It is sometimes inevitable and you just have to make room for these accidental detours. But once you’ve finally done evaluating your progress and weeding out the unnecessary, you’ll be able to course correct if needed. Remember why you set these goals in the first place. Reignite your motivation and inspire yourself to get back on track, keep going, and pursue your goals.

Based on the result of your mid-year goals check-in, strategize. Make sure everything is feasible. If you find them too overwhelming, break them into manageable chunks. Set small milestones along the way and you’ll definitely succeed in making progress, even with baby steps.

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