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How to Maximize Instagram Stories for your Real Estate Business

Have you tried using Instagram Stories before? Personally, I think that it’s a fun and engaging way to connect with people. You get to update your followers about what’s happening in the last 24 hours and you get to connect with them with the reactions and comments feature.

For real estate businesses, Instagram Stories is a great way to grow your business, connect with leads, and sell!

Here are some ways to maximize Instagram Stories for your business:

Instagram Stories


Instagram Stories has great features that can increase your engagement! With one-click stickers, your followers can engage with you in the easiest possible way. Craft interesting content and include poll stickers, question stickers, emoji sliders, quiz stickers, and more!

You’re sure to get a response from your followers and you can even reply to their reactions making it a great way to attract leads.


Your Instagram news feed is where you post your ‘polished’ and curated content. You make a lot of effort to produce content that is not just beneficial to your followers but also aesthetically pleasing.

On Instagram stories, this is where you can show your ‘real self’. This doesn’t mean that the things that you post on your feed aren’t authentic. Because on IG stories, you can just share what you do on an ordinary day – the type of content that you don’t usually post on your feed. This will help your brand build a personal connection with your followers.


Make your followers feel appreciated when they post about your business. Acknowledge them by reposting their content on your IG story. This will give you more credibility as these posts also serve as testimonials by your followers. It means that they trust your brand enough for them to promote and feature your business.

Aside from that, this is a way for you to fill in the content on those days that you run out of ideas on what to post. Admit it. It’s not easy to develop daily content for your social media pages. So this is like hitting two birds with one stone.


Another way to boost your engagement is to use the live feature on Instagram Stories! This is a great platform to show a more human side to your brand. Go on a virtual house tour while on Live, discuss the current market updates, or even just have a quick catchup with your followers.

You will even get to interact with your audience as you will see comments and reactions in real-time. Going live also sends out a reaction to all your followers who are online, so it’s a great way to get their attention!

Always remember that consistency is the key! Post regularly to keep your audience interested and engaged with your brand. Develop a schedule that is most feasible for you and stick to that schedule. If you are unable to post for a week or longer, there is a risk of losing those followers that you’ve worked so hard to gain. If you post regularly, Instagram will identify your page as a quality account and will eventually increase your brand exposure and awareness.

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