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Quick Canva Tips to Increase Productivity

I’m sure you’re using Canva for your real estate business. We all love hacks that can help us with our productivity so here are some quick Canva hacks for a more efficient designing:

1. Share your Canva Pro subscription with your team

Did you know that your Canva Pro subscription can be shared with up to four people? Yes, you’ve heard that right. This is a feature that Canva started offering for Pro subscribers. It gives your team access to Canva Pro while also unlocking a team folder where you can easily share designs with your team members.

2. Share your posts directly on your social media platforms

Stop downloading the designs you’ve made and start sharing them directly on the social media platform you intended to post them! Admit it, having to download and then upload posts again has been taking too much of your time. Now, Canva has actually addressed this issue and you can connect your social media accounts so you can easily post your designs.

3. Create a brand kit

In marketing your business, the first thing that business owners do is to identify their brand. This refers to your brand logo, colors, and font. It is basically your overall visual guideline in creating your content. This will ensure that all your posts will look consistent. For efficient graphic designing, you can set up your brand kit in Canva. You can find it in one of the tabs in your Canva dashboard.

4. Resize your designs to save time

With Canva Pro you can create a single design and then click “Resize” to automatically resize your graphic to fit any format you like, whether it’s for different social networks, to create different ad sizes or to use the same campaign across different marketing materials. You can make any tweaks and then download the design to save and use.

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