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 Secret Canva fonts you should know!

Can I share a secret with you? There are hidden fonts in Canva that you can only see if you know how and where to look for them!

Choosing the right font is essential in creating impactful content. Aside from your messaging, the perfect font helps you easily connect with your audience. The font can actually make or break the overall look of your design.

If you are tired of the standard fonts in Canva and want to bring more creative elements to your posts, these hidden gems in Canva can be your new go-to fonts.

Instead of the “fonts” tab, try searching in the “element” tab. Use the search keywords below to find cool letters!

  1. Rose letter watercolor flowers
  2. Gradient brush stroke letter
  3. Balloon alphabet
  4. Chalk scribble font
  5. Font golden color fill style illustration
  6. Melting cream 3D letter
  7. 3D letter neon light
  8. Letter paint stroke alphabet
  9. 3D gradient alphabet
  10. Artistic alphabet letter minimal monogram

With this Canva hack, your social media content and other marketing materials can easily have a pop of creativity.

Get the printable PDF HERE!

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