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The Secret to a Compelling Testimonial

It can be a challenge to build people’s trust in your business. While building trust is a combination of marketing and years of experience, testimonials and success stories will help your business gain more trustworthiness and credibility. But how do you create a compelling testimonial? Here are three tips that will help you!

1. Pick the right client

Look for a client that identifies with the majority of your target market, or at least the segment you are trying to target. They need to have a unique pain point that your company was able to solve. Choose someone who was hands-on in the home buying or selling process and someone you think would be responsive and share a lot of details during your interview.

It’s also a great idea to find clients that have been with you for a long time or returning clients who can speak to more than just one transaction.

2. Ask the right questions

Each client has a different background and a different story to tell. While you want to cover basic questions, you should also tailor your interview questions to who your client is. Here’s are some things you should consider:

  • Customer background and business goals
  • The challenges the customer is facing
  • How your product/service helped them reach their goals or tackle their pain points
  • Specific benefits and outcomes from using your product/service

3. Include Visuals

To build a trustworthy testimonial, you must also include a photograph of your client or better yet, a video recording of their testimonial. Using any camera and editing software available to you, you can already record a testimonial that you can use on different platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Linkedin.

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