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Why Should Real Estate Agents Be On TikTok Right Now

Oh, TikTok – the app everyone’s been raving about. With a whopping 1 billion monthly active users logging hours upon hours in their “For You” page each day, we won’t be surprised if the thought of opening an account to expand your operation as a real estate agent has already crossed your mind. But, if you’re still looking for reasons to add TikTok to your real estate digital marketing strategy, here are a few ones that will make you click ‘Sign Up’ in a jiffy!

1. Your listing has the potential to be seen by more people

While other social apps curate news feeds around your network (friends, groups, pages you follow), TikTok prioritizes serving users with content that matches their interests and region, among others. Given this, since people aren’t restricted by the echo chamber of their current connections, they have more room to explore and discover content they like.

As a real estate agent, this is good news for you because your video has the potential to show up on the For You page of not just by your followers but anyone interested in the topic – and there are plenty of them. As of writing, #realestate TikToks have over 11.3 billion views!

If virality is your goal, as long as you put out engaging and well-made videos, it’s possible to make it even as a small-time account. However, much like how it is with other platforms, going viral won’t necessarily translate to sales.

2. You can visually showcase your properties however you want

TikTok’s in-app video editing tool, ready-to-use audio library, and features like ‘duet’ and ‘stitch’ make presenting your homes creatively so easy and convenient. Length is also up to you: you can go for short-form teasers, or record up to 3 minutes of in-depth tours. Videos like these help your future clientele imagine what it’s like living in the space you’re selling.

Another unique thing about the app is that TikTok users seem to favor authenticity over insanely-curated content. So, if you’re the type to just show things as they are, or if you just want to get goofy and show more of who you are, those are welcome in the app.

3. You won’t have to spend a dime to sell your homes

From signing up to posting your video, everything you do on TikTok is free (except, of course, when you run paid ads). Right now, there are real estate videos that have already amassed millions of views purely organically. Gone are the days when you’d have to spend a considerable amount on print ads. Now you just have to TikTok your way to selling homes!

4. You get to connect with clients better

Ultimately, the action you’d want your TikTok viewers to take is to send you a message and inquire about your services and the homes you’re selling. Since you can be reached directly by potential buyers through the app, you can connect with them quickly and from there establish a relationship that could last.

Getting your name out there in the TikTok realm will build your reputation as well. One day, someone’s just commenting about how your videos are so pleasing; the next thing you know, they’re already messaging you to get your help in looking for their next home.

5. You learn as you go

Much like your experience with other social platforms, you shouldn’t expect yourself to fully understand TikTok right away. Spend time on the app and see how your industry peers are doing it. Don’t stop at creating vertical versions of the stuff you already posted on Facebook and Instagram. Instead, experiment with content you’ve never done before and think of ways to make your videos stand out.

If your fellow real estate agents have found success on TikTok, so can you! The app isn’t going anywhere, so might as well take advantage of it, master the platform, and make TikTok another tool that will help you help people find their future homes.

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