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The Benefits of Using Hashtags on Your Posts

Now that you know how to find the best hashtags for you, you might be wondering if hashtags really are worth the time and effort you put into researching them. Well, the short answer is, yes. Using hashtags is important in building your brand and social media presence.

Here are three benefits on using hashtags:

Expanding brand reach and visibility

If you don’t know, people actually search hashtags when they are looking for posts on a certain topic. For example, people may search for #homeforsale or #realestateinvestor on Instagram when they are looking for specific posts on those topics. People can also follow hashtags on Instagram, where posts with those hashtags will show up on their feeds.

When you use precise and relevant hashtags for you, it can help boost your organic reach and visibility for searches such as this. This can also help lead you to the right audience or market.

Keeping up with competition

If your competition uses hashtags and you don’t, then they’ll be one step ahead of you in that aspect. Always be the one who’s a step ahead by learning how to use hashtags for your local community. You can also do research on what hashtags your competition uses, what works for them, and use this to your advantage.

Joining conversations and trending topics

As I’ve mentioned, people search hashtags on different topics. The volume of searches for some hashtags would be especially high for trending topics. Use your brand to join conversations on topics that are relevant to you or topics that you care about. For example, people use hashtags on holidays, events such as sports events in your community or any conference that you have attended, or even any cause that matters to you.

Don’t stick to posts promoting only your real estate brand, create content that is relevant to you and your community. This won’t only help you be discovered, this will also help you become an important voice in your community.

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