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How Having Social Media Templates Can Save You Hours of Work

If you are a real estate agent trying to grow your business online, you’ll know that creating social media content is crucial! From finding the right photo to use, creating the graphic design, taking your brand into consideration, to writing the captions and researching hashtags—creating content can be a lot of work.

But with platforms that help realtors such as PorchLyte, that’s all in the past! Here are some benefits of using social media templates:

1. Easily customizable content

When you use social media templates that are designed for realtors, you can easily customize them to be more personal. This includes being able to change the color, font, as well as add your photo, name, and website all with a click of a button. This beats creating content from scratch any day! You’ll save hours of work and you’ll have better-looking designs in a snap.

2. Easy to fill out captions (only on PorchLyte)

Admit it, not everyone loves the idea of writing! By providing captions that are easy to fill out, you don’t have to worry about thinking how to write them. With engaging hooks and strong call-to-actions, you’re all set even if you don’t want to customize them. But if you do, they will be much easier to personalize since the structure has already been provided for you.

3. Drive more traffic

Since you’re saving time by using social media templates, you have more time to promote your content across different platforms. With better looking designs and more engaging captions, you can drive more traffic to your page. It’s also a good opportunity to promote your content by boosting them as ads on social media to get more leads and to target the right audience.

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