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How to Craft a Powerful Social Media Strategy

The best way to start building your business on social media is by crafting an effective strategy first. We often think that we can go about social media by just posting a status or a photo every now and then, but the thing is, social media marketing is fast-evolving and we need to catch up with the latest trends if we want to convert more leads and top our competitors.

These four tips will give you an idea on how you can start building your social media pages more effectively so your business can not only grow quickly, but also in a more meaningful way.

1. Set goals and identify your objectives

The first step is to set your goals and identify your objectives. Many people struggle to grow their business on social media because they have no direction in mind. Having a goal is important so that you can figure out the next steps you need to take to get to that goal. Some of the goals you can have on social media include building brand awareness, growing your audience, driving traffic to your website, and driving leads and sales.

2. Build your branding

The next thing you need to think about is your branding. You might already have branding guidelines for your company or business, but have you applied that to your social media pages? Make sure that you follow your brand’s theme — whether means having a professional look and design or a fun and youthful appeal. You should also make sure that the colors on your graphics and the tone of your captions are aligned to your branding.

3. Plan your social content

After you’ve established your goals and your branding, it’s time to plan your social content. To make it easier, create categories for your content and build a content calendar from there. For example, you can choose 4-5 categories for posts you will create such as educational content, real estate news, property listings, engagement posts, personal updates, holiday greetings, and the like. You might also want to consider crafting Instagram Story and Reels content.

After you’ve figured that out, decide on how many times you want to post each week and on what platforms. Start crafting content ideas for each of your categories and set them on your social media calendar for scheduling.


  • Educational content
  • Real estate news
  • Property listings
  • Engagement posts
  • Personal updates
  • Holiday greetings


At PorchLyte, we provide a monthly playbook for all our members that can help you craft awesome content for each day of each month. You can even customize them to fit your branding as you like!

4. Track your results

Last but definitely not the least, track your results. It’s important to measure your progress so you can determine whether your strategy is working or not. Social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram have a built-in analytics tab where you can readily check your page’s statistics. But you can also use other social media analytics tools that can help you dig deeper into your page’s statistics. Either way, it’s important that you know how to make use of the information you get from your analytics. Knowing which is working for you and which isn’t will help you modify your strategy and come up with new ideas.

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