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What to post on social media?

Have you ever stared at a blank screen for what seems like hours saying to yourself, “What should I post on social media?

Good news….you’re not alone!

A lot of agents, especially those who are new to digital marketing, often feel overwhelmed about how to start. They overthink what they should and should not post, and in the end, some choose not to pursue social media at all.

Social media is a lot like open houses (pre-pandemic of course). During open houses, you socialize with your potential clients, you discuss market trends, you inform them about the exceptional features of the house, etc. The same goes for social media marketing.

Posting on social media is pretty much the same as talking to people face-to-face, except you don’t see them.

But I can guarantee you that people want to hear from you! They want to hear your insights and tips.

So to begin your social media journey right, I’m giving you four ideas that you can post about on social media:

What to Post on Social Media


Talk about what you know the most — real estate! Post about any topic that’s real estate related and your followers will want to hear about it. You can talk about seller tips, buyer tips, mortgage tips, and even market statistics. Give them a snapshot of what’s going on in the real estate market.

You probably have a million things you want to say about real estate. Make a content plan and divide things you want to talk about into bite-sized information. People love it when you give them information and value. Posting about educational things will help you gain their trust and, in turn, you can build a loyal and engaging community of followers.


People love to know what’s going on in their community. Especially during our current situation, people are constantly looking for things to do with their families. You can also take this as an opportunity to highlight a local business. Give information about it. Are they open? Do they offer delivery? Aside from providing helpful information to your audience for their convenience, you are also helping promote a local business.


Posting about home and design tips is also a great idea. People love to know about design trends, home hacks, and things that can inspire them to improve their homes! You can post photos that you take during house visits and even videos or articles that you see on the Internet.

When we are inside our houses all the time then we see something nicer than where we live in or what we have, we get inspired. Your followers will definitely appreciate and learn from posts about home and design tips!


Social media is all about the curation of content. But from time to time, it is also nice to show “behind-the-scenes” posts or posts that showcase the unfiltered side of you. You can post about your own home inspection, you can showcase your assistant or random things that you’re up to with your family. What’s important is for you to let them know that you’re a real-life person behind your social media page. This can help further build your connection with your audience as they will feel more comfortable approaching you, knowing that you are a real-life person behind the computer.

There’s no reason to be afraid of posting on social media! People want information and value. Put yourself in the buyer’s shoes. If you’re searching for an agent, what kind of information would you want to see? The more variety of topics you post, the more you will show authority and expertise. Slowly, you will be their go-to person for everything they need to know about real estate and steadily increase your engagement in social media channels.

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